First Kingdom was founded centuries ago by its first king, Dernin Solfre, with the aid of his best friend and guardian, the pauper knight Dero La'kure. It takes up the whole of a small continent on the world of Ezg, sharing the land only with a small independant city-state called Garr-Kolan.

The north is frozen over, and the deep south was destroyed a long time ago, in order to create a barrier of desert to keep the Dead-that-Walk of the connecting southern continent from crossing up into the kingdom.

Ten years ago, a brief, silent, violent coup put the prince Graid Solfre on the throne. Life on Ezg has always been hard: dragons, monsters, the dead and the chores and the slaves. It takes a wise king to keep the country thriving. Otherwise, the tumble into destruction is swift. Painful.

Graid has never been wise. It's time for a change.


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